Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Website Of The Week: Black Milk

If I was a rich girl, na na na na na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaa... yeh I would shop here every single day... if I had more MOOONNNNEEEEEEYYYYY.....my debit card won't vex me, iit'll bless me, my cash flow would buy me every treeeend... yeh I would have such pretty pretty clothes, if  I was a wealthy GIIIIIRRRRLLL!!

Ok. Calm down Lis, calm down.... 

I am slightly in love with this website, I can't even lie... they pretty much have everything I'm in to at the moment...and the prints are such good quality

I can't remember when, or how I came across this site, I think I was looking for nebula print leggings or something but I'm kinda glad I did... I'm saying "kinda" for one reason only which I'll discuss in a jiffy.... First things first... MY FAVOURITE ITEMS... WOOP WOOP 

 New York Skyline Swimsuit $90

 Limited Pug Dress

Muscle and Bone Catsuit

 Dark Moon Leggings

Lita Rainbow Galaxy$199.95

 Galaxy Blue Suspenders
Out of Stock.. boohoo :'-(

Ribs Inverted Swimsuit

There were heaps more that I liked but I'll leave you guys to have a gander yourself... I really do like the clothes, the styles are very bold and brave which I admire... but wtf is going on with the price??? Seriously? Why the heck are the swimsuits $90???? I don't care if that converts to £56.4688 (thanks currency converter)...for me it's just too much... and yes, maybe that is because I am the biggest cheapskate I know, I just can't do it....maybe when my bank balance is more like Miley Cyrus's and less like..well your typical penniless student, I'll treat myself 

Check it out: http://blackmilkclothing.com/

Does anyone shop here on a regular basis? Let me know what you think of their clothes...and what your bank balance thinks of you!  

Monday, 8 October 2012

My Top 5 Beauty Products

Well heeeelllllloooooooo there! Long time no speak! I'm pretty sure that my lack of posting is now a defining characteristic of my blog so yaayy... go me and my failures! 

I'll cut to the chase... here's a look at 5 of my favourite beauty products at the moment

1:Kiko Lip Pencil £2.50 - I bought this recently because, well honestly I bought it because I wanted the NARS matt lip pencil but didn't want to spend so much money- this was the nearest I got to the shade I had wanted. 
I pretty much wear this every day; I love the shade, I love how easy it is to put on, and I love how smooth the texture is... and it's cheap, WINNING! 

2: Tea Tree Facial Cleanser/Toner £2.99- I never used to cleanse because I didn't actually know what cleansing was (why do I embarrass myself like this), but then my best friend told me that it's really good for your skin and I should start doing it so I did. I've always been a fan of tea tree so this seemed like the best option. It's so good, it removes all traces of make-up and dirt from my face (believe me, that cotton bud does not end the same colour as it began). My skin has improved a lot since using it, it looks fresher; I mean I don't necessarily sparkle in the sunlight like Edward Cullen, but it's made a good difference. 

3: Dolce and Gabbana: The One 50ml Eau de parfum £54- I'm in love with this fragrance; it smells like joy. The scent is strong lasts all day. I actually feel really womanly when I wear this scent, it gives me a little confidence boost

4: L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara £10.99- This mascara have an unbreakable friendship. It's reliable, never letting me and my eyelashes down, never flaking(PUN ALERT!)... But seriously, this is in my top 5 mascara lists which I may as well make a post on actually. My lashes are curly and not as long as I would like them to be but this mascara actually adds impressive length to them. Doesn't clump, doesn't dry, and it separates the lashes as well as adding length. 

5: Sleek Limited 2012 Edition Honour Blush- £4.29- I've never really been into powder blushes because I've never found a shade I thought looked natural on my complexion(didn't look that far though), and I was sceptical about the coverage. I frickin love this blush! Seriously. I've stocked up on this baby, so has my mum actually because we thought it was only going to be around for the olympics... they lied, it's still here. The shade suits my skin tone, and makes me look naturally flushed and glowy. I love the pigmentation, it's strong yet natural; this is my go to guy whenever I go out. 

One more for luck? Yeh, I have to mention this because I love it so. 

6. Sleek Limited Edition Matte Lipstick in Cranberry (came as a set for £9.99)- I don't usually wear bold lip colours unless it's Ruby Woo... I don't know why, I just hadn't found the right shade, or a shade I was brave enough to wear. I had however been looking for a matte dark red lipstick; I had found some that were the perfect shade but too shiny- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry- or, they were unflattering... This lipstick was part of a 3 piece limited edition set, which came with a thick lip pencil, and a blush (which I use them all), and came in a beautiful cranberry shade. 
The texture is perfect, matte, but not too dry, I really do like the colour too, it's dark but not menacing, and if I want it darker I can just blend it with a darker lip pencil. 

Does anyone have any of these products? Or any better ones actually cause I like trying new stuff :-)