Friday, 5 April 2013

Ombre Lips

Hey girlies/guylies hope you've all had a blessed day

Well I was pretty bored today and thought I'd have a little experiment with some of my lippies, and seeing as ombre has been on trend lately... I thought why not?!

(photo from pinterest) 

I did 3 types of ombre, they're quite subtle so I think they can be worn out without people thinking you have issues... to be honest, each to their own anyway, if someone wants to walk around with rainbow lips then that's their choice.. YO GO GLEN COCO!! (I know that quote is not really relevant but I felt it was more appropriate than "power to the people!") one dark red/red, and one dark pink/pink... I wish I had orange because that would make such an epic ombre.... guess that's going to be my next purchase then

Hope you likey

Note: I tried the gradient starting from my top lip and ending at the bottom but that just failed miserably... just looked like I don't know how to put lipstick on..took a pic anyway so you guys can have some giggles

Look 1: Sleek Cranberry Lip Pencil + MAC in Ruby Woo

(With flash)

I'm quite fond of this one, the last time I had a night out I had the same look... exhibit A

... just realised it's so hard to see because I'm smiling....clap clap Lis

Look 2: Sleek Cranberry Lip Pencil + MAC in Ruby Woo + Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake

(With flash)

Look 3: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in One Of A Kind + Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush + Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake

I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't go out with this last look on, for some reason I'm not that comfortable with all over pink on my lips... I find it a bit difficult because I don't use foundation or anything to set a base so it clashes a little with my "uneven" complexion....but I think I'm going to experiment and see how I can make it work. Going to try some more extreme versions too. 

Do you guys have a favourite? Have you tried this look yourself?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Journey To Weightloss City: Week 1

Ello, ello, ello.... long time no see/hear/speak/read, I know, blame my work schedule, working two jobs really murders your social life/spare time, but thank the good Lord I have today off so I can finally catch up on my blogging...

The title of this post pretty much sums it up, I'm trying to lose weight. I know I'm not crazy overweight or anything but I know I could do with shifting a couple of pounds. It's not purely for the aesthetics, I have really bad eating habits... here's a short list of them

- I eat pretty much everything
- I skip breakfasts 
- My portion control is non-existent 
- I graze/snack constantly throughout the day
- I eat late at night (as in 11pm/12am/1-2am.. yeh I know.. bad right) 
- I binge when I have an unexpected change in emotion... eg. "Hey girl you just won £5 on a scratchcard!" ... "OOOO LEMME BREAK OUT THE CHOCOLATE/CRISPS/BURGERS TO CELEBRATE!!" 
or "Hey guurl, I kinda made a hole in that top you let me borrow, sorry" "Ahhh man, I loved that top, guess I'll have to eat that whole pizza and cake that's sitting in my fridge... the top would have wanted me to" 
- I don't drink enough water

I've got a list of bad lifestyle habits but let me not overload you with my wrong doings 


I'm trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I'm not going on any diets because 

Seriously, I don't have time for diets... for me personally they just don't work, and they don't last so I'd rather change my overall lifestyle.. not dramatic changes, realistic ones that can be monitored and stuck to. 

I decided to post this here because I'm hoping by telling lots of people about it, I'll actually be able to stick to it... I'm going to start posting what I ate during the week and what exercises I've been doing (don't worry, I'm not turning this into a diet blog, you'll still get the usual shizniz) 

There will be some before and after shots coming at the end of the month so brace yourselves..... 

If anyone else is doing this sort of healthy eating thing, or has any tips, HOLLA!!