Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nothing Better Than A Bit Of Racism To Start Your Day

So this post was going to be a "Face Of The Night/OOTN", as I went to a friends' black and white themed party and thought, why not show you lovlies what I wore..... but then, on my journey home this morning, a lovely lady decided to spread her ignorance to the masses.... 

Cue story.... 

I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus as you do, and I get impatient when I'm at bus stops, and also I felt someone giving me dirty looks next to me, so I walked a little bit to see if the bus was coming round the corner; which it I walked back... keep in mind I had been waiting at the stop for about 15 minutes... this lovely lady was in front of me, and she was with another girl, or woman, couldn't tell, who was sitting at the bus stop... bus comes, and I let the lady on because it's polite to let those who are waiting or already in front of you on first... and her child/daughter/lover/friend whatever is still sitting at the bus stop so I get on and she gets on after me.....

Me: "Yes, I was in the queue" 
Lovely Lady: "I've been waiting for 15 minutes for this f*cking bus and you just come out of nowhere and get on it!!" 
Me: "K, I'm really tired, I don't have time for this..." 
Lovely Lady: " Well I don't have time for you you F*CKING NEGRO!!!" 
Me: "Ooooooh nice bit of ignorance there, I hope you're proud of yourself, seriously, I'm really tired, and you clearly just want to make another dumb "racism on public transport" video so the daily mail can have another story so just stop here"
Lovely Lady: "OH JUST SHUT UP YOU DIRTY LITTLE B*TCH! I've got a pension plan and you just...." 

I kicked her in the face at that point... 

Ha! Just kidding! No I didn't get the last bit of whatever she was on about because she started harping on to her companion.... 

So yay... THANK YOU RANDOM LADY FOR YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM! ... I tried to take a photo of her but she was facing the other way.... it took so much out of me to hold my tongue and not go  crazy because this is the nonsense I can't condone..I just sat and stared into space... and when I got off the bus I told her to have a nice day. 

Whatever..... I'm not wishing bad on anyone but what goes around comes back around so good luck to her. It's just a shame that there are still ignorant and cruel people out there that can't accept people for who they are..... I pray it's not always going to be like this. 

Toodles x