Thursday, 6 December 2012

Liebster Awards + 64 Followers

It's my day off work... yaaayy... so I can finally do another post... about time yes I know, it's been about 3 weeks if not more.. sooooorrrryyyy... To make up for that here's a picture of a sloth giving a little girl a hug 

Anyways, I've been nominated for two Liebster awards which means a lot to me... I'd just like to thank my mum and dad for making me and providing me with food and shelter, my friends for being there for me and inspiring some of my posts, and I'd like to thank myself for working my frickin butt off to make money to buy this laptop that I use to blog... thank you Lis, thank you... 

ok seriously though I didn't want to make this post long (which it probably will be) so I'll cut to the chase.. it seems pretty straight forward but knowing me I'll probably fail somehow

Firstly I'd like to thank Mary- and Rolana- for their lovely nominations...THAAAANKSS GIRLIES (I don't know how to embed the address so if anyone does so it makes my post look nicer then let me know) 

                                                                The rules
Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 question's from the person who tagged you
Create 11 new questions for who you tag
Tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers, and no tag back

11 Random facts about myself 

1. I'm scared of butterflies... I can't help it, especially the ones that look like they have eyes omgawsshhh I'm shuddering at the thought! 
2. I have a twin bro, he is lovely, he's called Brian (bonus fact: my older brother and sister are twins too... woop woop well done mum n pa!)
3. I eat about 6 bowls of cereal for breakfast... normally a rotation of bran flakes, coco pops, rice crispies, crunchy nut and cheerios.. but I had to cut it down because...well because I'm guessing that can't be good for you 
4. My camera's name is Xavier and my phone's name is Aubrey-Blake.. my laptop doesn't have a name though because I don't like him enough :-( I know... mean right, I might just name him now for hurting his feelings 
5. I hate whispering... like seriously hate it
6. A teacher once called me a cackling witch, that wasn't very nice.... but to be fair I was laughing at her, actually, no, no I wasn't! My friend threw a tennis ball at her head (by accident, he was aiming for his friend) and he looked so scared that he was going to get into trouble so I was laughing at that (and a bit at her)
7. My favourite item of clothing is my onesie(s), whoever invented them is a genius
8. I cried watching the chipmunks, despicable me, and happy feet (and I walked out 15 minutes after happy feet started because it upset me too much.... wow... that's embarrassing) . It's just so horrible how prejudice they were against him to begin with.. ughh let's not go down that lane right now.. dangerous territory
9. The witch (Ursula) in the little mermaid scares me, that cow gave me many a nightmare when I was younger! 
10. I have 7 piercings.. I want to get to 10 then I'll stop
11. I want 3 dogs and a rabbit when I get my own place

and now for me to answer specific questions... brace yourselves, there's gonna be 22 of them...

Firstly Mary's :-) 

1. What made you start blogging? Not to sound cheesy but I wanted to change someone's life. Not in a massive way but there's so much negativity in this world and so many people out there don't have someone they can talk to or any positivity around them so I kinda wanted to be that person. If someone could read a post and that makes them smile, or teaches them something new then I feel I've succeeded. I've seen some blogs and I literally feel inspired so I thought why not. Also, my lovely friend Sam has been blogging for a while so she said go for it. Which I did. Yay
2. What do you love most about blogging? I like the fact that I'm comfortable in this little environment I've made for myself. I like the blogging community as a whole, there's so many lovely people you can talk to around the world <3
3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be? America, not sure which state yet but I want to move there in a few years, maybe New York, or Atlanta
4. Favourite item in your wardrobe? My onesie, hands down 
5. Sweet or savoury? Savoury, and then sweet... you just can't have one without the other! 
6. What would your dream job be? A successful actress 
7. What is your favourite colour? I don't think I have one, for technology maybe red and black, for cars black, for hair ginger or auburn, for eyes green or hazel, or blue... so yeh, that didn't answer your question at all.. *thumbs up* 
8. Favourite fancy dress costume? I don't have one, but for my friend's birthday some years back you had to dress up as something with the first letter of your surname... I dressed up as an Orangutan's mother.... I could have just been an orangutan.. or an orange. Shows how clever I am ¬_¬ 
9. Which is your favourite season: spring, summer, autumn or winter? Spring probably, the sun can be very annoying for me during summer
10. Favourite band? I really don't have a constant one 
11. What is your star sign? Gemini :-) 

Now Rolana's :-) (some of the questions might be the same... such is life) 

1. What is your dream job? A successful actress, or Michael Fassbender's pillow
2. What is the reason behind your blog name? I like moustaches, and I like the words moustache and petite 
3. Going to an island, what are the 3 beauty products you would take? Whichever ones are edible.. that being said, if they're edible then they would be gone in about 5 minutes so I'd just say soap, moisturiser, and a sandwich (it can be used as a beauty product....somehow..if it's got cucumbers in it) 
4. Favourite way to spend your free time? Eating, or the cinema... whilst eating
5. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? 1st one would be for an unlimited supply of wishes... BOOM GOTCHA!! The next 2 shouldn't really matter seeing as I now have an UNLIMITED supply! 
6. Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe? My onesie

(it's a duck!!)

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Somewhere with a nice clean beach and cute dogs everywhere 
8. Favourite place to shop? Haha, EBAY!! 
9. Lipstick or lipgloss... and what's your favourite colour? Lipstick, I don't really like my lips shiny, I like dusty pink shades, or dark reds
10. Who is your favourite fashion designer? Whoever came up with the onesie, no joke.
11. What do you think of my blog? I'm very partial to it, that's why I'm following :-)... I think I wrote some sort of essay on how I loved your blog and I wanted to give you a virtual hug so that pretty much sums it up 

 I'm nominating......


My Questions: 
I'll try and not have all my questions about food... 

1. What's your favourite animal and why? 
2. What is your favourite beauty product?
3. Why did you start blogging 
4. What does your blog represent? (as in a make-up lovers dream? random ramblings etc)
5. Who do you gain inspiration from and for what? 
6. Desert island, you can take 3 beauty products, what are they? 
7. What is your pet peeve? and.. and what's your worst habit? Yes I know technically that's two questions but I cheated...sorry.... but answer them both 
8. What item that you own means the most to you and why? 
9. Do you have a special talent? 
10. What do you aspire to be? 
11. I think this is the most important question... what's your favourite food?  

and lastly I'd like to thank all my beautiful 64 followers for following my blog, it means a lot to me, and I know there are blogs with 1,000,000,000+ followers but it's not really about the number for me, it's about the fact that people are actually interested in what I have to say. So thank you... here's a picture of two adorable labrador puppies 

My pleasure :-)