Sunday, 25 August 2013

Website Of The Week: MeeMee

Waddup my homiesss?? Ahhh gosh I have eaten WAAAAAYYY too much, not even joking...I'm lying on my back hoping my stomack doesn't explode with all the junk I've just consumed...I was doing so well this week too but then chocolate started calling out to me and it would be rude to ignore it so bad! 

Anyway, haven't done one of these posts in a while so here it goes....Introducing you to MeeMee, I only came across this recently and they have some nice pieces on their are some of them.....

 Faded Ankle Grazers- £90

 Vintage Velvet Pencil Skirt- £22

Vintage Sheer Pleat Trousers- £24 

Cut Out Perfect Boot- £30

Zigzag Wave Playsuit- £50

Bobble Stripe Midi Skirt- £20

Flocked Velvet Dress- £30

Tartan Time Dungarees- £25

Covered In Lace Dress- £35

Sheer Tee Shirt Dress -£25

Galaxy Print Top- £15

Sports Lux Patch Jacket- £38

Dip and Dye Maxi Skirt- £48

Tailor Me Belted Trousers- £24

Wild At Heart Beaded Playsuit- £59

Ready For Everything Sandal- £24 (frickin love these, they're so similar to the Zara ones!)

Vintage High Waisted Cord Shorts- £30

Which items are your favourites? 
Check out the rest here:  


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Inspiration

Hello my dears, hope you are all having a blessed day...just thought I'd do a quick post because whilst browsing the interweb I came across a whole bunch of beautiful images, and some interesting fashion looks that I thought I'd share with you....will do a proper post soon because I have some time off work...yaaaayyy
Hope you enjoy x

images were sourced from Tumblr, and the Google...oh and this website