Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Random Post *Don't Worry, Be Happy*

I actually forgot today is Wednesday.....

I've spent all day in the library therefore failed to plan anything interesting to post... sorry.. sooooo instead, I'll post a bunch of "inspirational"/nice quotes. Sometimes it's nice to just hear positive things, it's so easy to feel negative about yourself, your appearance, your life, but you'll get through it in the end.

Hope this has made at least one person feel better today... If not then errrrmmm... sorry... here's a picture of a cute pig to cheer you up....

If you don't like pigs then.. here's a picture of a cat and a chick 

If you don't like pigs, chick, or kittens then.... I can't help you ... 

One of the reasons I started this blog, apart from the fact that I wanted a decent excuse to spend 24 hours on my computer guilt free; was to try and "inspire" (sorry for the cliche') someone. I don't necessarily mean inspire in the obvious sense, just wanted to have some sort of positive affect on someone out there. May as well use the internet for good. It's not nice feeling alone, or feeling that no-one will know what you are going through. So be happy <3 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dye Job

I decided to put some more colour in my hair... there's no point in this post, just saying.

Sorry, the quality is poor, was very low lighting and the flash on my phone is playing up

 If you are a bit bored of your look, you could try experimenting with colours, certain shades can cause damage to your hair though (usually lighter shades that require bleaching), you could try a dye with no ammonia, or just use a shade over your natural hair colour, that way you won't have to bleach or lighten it beforehand. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Poetry At It's Finest

You can probably tell I like memes a lot 

For Any Nice People Out There...

So, I sponsored the cutest little girl a few days ago to do a 1k run for charity (she told me what charity it was but now I've completely forgotten now) and she was supposed to come and collect the money about two days ago.... she didn't show....
So here I am thinking "Oh Lord, how dislikeable must I be that someone won't even turn up if I paid them to?"

But yes... fast forward to today... I've been tidying up my house, sorting stuff, bleaching stuff, scrubbing stuff, sweeping stuff... looking like a first class tramp graduating from "how you shouldn't leave your house if you don't want people to cross the street to get away from you " Academy... meh, I wouldn't even care if the little girl and her mother didn't knock on my door this evening.... 

Opened the door... think I scared the poor sod!!! Oh I felt so bad... When I dress down, I don't do it by halves, I commit!.... My "look" was completed with the added... "gangsta" hat covering my forehead and hair so I could have easily been mistaken for a boy... a scary boy.... 


Anyway, they came with the most adorable dog named scruffy... I have no idea what breed it was but he was so cute!! Apparently he doesn't go out during the night so he was very excited... and although I looked like an epic fail he seemed to take a shine to me... I was squealing like a kid... so the little girl asked if I wanted to stroke him... so I bent down and he jumped on my lap and started licking my hand... aww bubba... I could have cried but I thought I may as well stay in "gangsta character" and controlled myself... 

My point of this jargon filled "story" is I want a dog please... anyone who would like to buy me a dog, or find me a dog is more than welcome to.... knock yourself out please.. I would much appreciate it.... 

Preferably one of these: 

Actually I'm not fussed so take your pick:

I would add more pictures but you get the point
Thank you in advance 

Home Made Shorts

This is a quick one to show how you can recycle an old pair of jeans....I'm not a fashion student/designer etc so it's not going to be a technical blow by blow or anything....all you will need for this is an old pair or jeans and a pair of scissors 

Step One: Take old pair of jeans and lay them down on your lap or another surface 
( Clearly could not be bothered to iron them)

Step two: Cut your jeans until you are satisfied with the length. *If you want to fold them up then leave some space for that*. Fold the bottoms


To be honest I haven't finished with them, they were taking up space so I was either going to cut them or chuck them so I quickly got snipping. Think I might experiment with them. Would be nice to have something along the lines of these.... 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Appreciation Post: *The Hunger Games*

This has to get a mention as it surpassed my already high expectations. The acting is great on all parts, the set designs are amazing, costumes, make- up, the use of sound, everything about this film is great. I haven't read the books yet as I have only heard of The Hunger Games trilogy recently but I read up on the synopsis and plot and was really eager to read the novels now. I'll treat myself to them soon. Cannot wait to read them. 

It really is an amazing film. I also find Jennifer Lawrence very likeable; she was previously in "Winter's Bone"; in which her performance has impressed critics greatly. That is also a great film to watch.

Beauty Buys

I was supposed to post this yesterday but wasn't at home so I'm combining my Friday and Saturday post today.. I'll cut to the chase....

Bought myself two beauty related things this week, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and Loreal Paris Super Liner in "Black Lacquer"

I'll discuss the scrub first.... 


I had previously been using St. Ives apricot scrub but for some reason stopped using it, I think the price went up quite a bit or I wanted to experiment with different scrubs. I've always liked it, seems to do a good job. The branding has had a little revamp and they've created a range of scrubs for different skin needs:

1: Blemish control
- Oily/blemish prone skin 
- "gently exfoliates, removing dull, dead skin cells that can lead to blackheads and blemishes"
Helps prevent blackheads and unclogs pores

2: Sensitive skin 
Dry/sensitive skin
- "Mild cleansing formula that gently exfoliates, removing dull, dead skin cells to instantly reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin"

- Hypo-allergenic 

3: Fresh skin
All skin types
- "Contains more than 90% naturally derived ingredients, including Swiss glacial water and Swiss botanicals"
Promotes healthier-looking, glowing skin in just 7 days.

I purchased "Fresh skin"; they were all on offer, this one being £1.97 which I thought was really good. 

This is what it looks like:

Pros:  - Smells lovely! 
            - The grains were hard enough to feel like they're actually doing the job, but not damaging to the skin
            -  Soft enough to use up to 4 days a week 
            - No irritation
            - My skin felt really smooth afterwards
            - Does not dry the skin out 
            - Good price

Cons:  - The price will go up after the introductory offer ends 
             - This isn't exactly a con, it's just a warning- be careful around the eye area as the bits are quite small so if they go into your eyes it can be very harmful, I'm speaking of experience. It's horrid! 

I usually use Loreal's eyeliner and just wanted to replace one that had run out. The previous one I used was the same type, just in carbon black (the one with the blue writing). It's really good as well, does the job, doesn't smudge and has a precise applicator. Unfortunately, they had run out, that's a lie actually, not the running out part because they had run out, the "unfortunate-ness". It wasn't unfortunate because I had seen this eyeliner before and tested it out on my hand and was impressed.... oooer it is nice I tell you. 

Thought I may as well put it on. I'm not wearing mascara so you can see what it looks like on it's own. Sorry if the big ol' close up of my eye is scaring you

Pros:  - Intense black colour 
            - Applicator allows precision and diversity 
            - Does not smudge
            - Long wear 
            - Nice design 
            - Consistency is not too liquid, but not too thick 

Cons:  - When I say long wear I mean it, tried to wipe it off my hand with soap.... DIDN'T budge (and noooo my soap is good, but that stuff was not moving). I only put it on one eye and had to pop out to get something so I tried to wipe it off quickly with a make-up wipe.... did it come off... NO! ... think I had to give it a good ol' wipe to get that off.... To be honest though, that's a pro as well because at least you know that if you're out and about it's not going to come off. 

Here's some eyeliner styles to experiment with.....  

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hello Mr Title

Just realised you can title these posts....5 posts later.... wow.... anyway, just making a note that my posts will not be as sporadic as they have been; I'm trying to have an order to them so it's not just random stuff spluttered everywhere... The posts will probably be 3 times a week, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; Fridays' posts will most likely be a beauty tip I've learnt or really good beauty items I've found.. something along those lines, Saturday posts will be an appreciative post, of either food, or clothes, or cool blogs I've come across etc, and Wednesday will be RANDOOOOM *oooooo suspense!!*

but yes..... no more SPORADIC....NESS
....well I've surpassed my 5 a day target. BOOM!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

One of the perks of sitting at the front of the bus.... I don't have a snazzy camera (Sorry Xavier, I don't really mean that) so the image may not be the best but it's good enough... Xavier is the name of my camera by the way, I like to name my favourite bits of technology, or a significant belonging like a bike or something because I'm tres cool like that *cough cough* .......yeeeehhh so... the weather is looking nice
When I get bored, I draw on fruit ..... oh gosh I need to get a life!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Should really be asleep right now but I've discovered a new program to add to my "let's watch stuff instead of going to sleep/doing work/getting up/going for a run/doing anything productive" list (I would add "eating" to that list but nothing gets in the way of that....)

Yes so... behold...... MAN VS FOOD!!! *audience applauding*

No but it is  amazing, if you're hungry and have no supply of food for some reason then don't watch it, it will bring you close to tears and you will probably try and eat something inedible like a chair or your clothes, or whatever you're watching this on..... Here's a clip

... think that should work

This is how I am feeling right now. I have no idea how this works; feeling pretty lost here...Hello by the way.