Sunday, 19 May 2013

Website Of The Week: Missguided

Well hullo there...sup? you good? yeh? no? maybe?... ok shuttup now Lis 

I realised I haven't done one of these in a while, maybe because I've been to busy punching myself in the face... or sleeping... I'm actually surprised I haven't posted this site earlier because it's pretty snazzy and is actually good value for money... 

Lo and behold.... 

Exhibit A-J:

Klaria Tiger Face Tee £14.99

Viviane Striped Maxi Dress £19

Pamela Wet Look Contrast Tee In Grey £10.99

Domenica Bow Cut Out Bodycon Midi Dress £19

Premium Embellished Crop Top In Black and cream £54.99

Alysea Cut Out Bardot Bandage Midi Dress In Red £34.99

Honey Neon Flower Print Shorts £19.99

Carlene Dip Dye Blouse £24.99

Kadira/Janisa Shiny Disco Pants In Navy/Green £19.99

Veronika Tartan Studded Jacket In Scarlet $14.99

Taddi Leather Contrast Knitted Dress £19.99

I could post pictures from this site all day but I've got a class to go to and you guys can check it out yourselves... they do worldwide delivery too....woop woop 

Have a know you want to.... or maybe you actually don't, in which case don't have a gander

Monday, 6 May 2013

For Any New Girl Fans....

I just had to post this