Monday, 4 June 2012

Absolute Disgrace!

Yes, that is directed towards myself based on the fact that I have been a HIDEOUS blogger!! I do apologise for my disgraceful lack of posts, had HEAPS... and I mean HEAPS of work to, I'm not talking about a 1,000 word essay on my favourite food or something (by the way my favourite food is everything.. actually that's a complete lie... it's everything apart from cream...and celery...and a few other bits.. so no it's not everything and I would have failed that essay)....... aaaaaaaaaanywayss... I am now FREE!!! woop woop!! so my posts will become much more regular 

I'm going on a little trip to Germany with my lovely best friend so I'll be posting some pictures up of the scenery/ outfits/ make-up looks whatever... if there's a cute dog lurking around I'll sling that on here too 

So to sum up 

I'm still alive... I haven't forgotten about you lovely people that read my blog, and I'M SORRY!!!! 

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