Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Had My Appendix Out, Fun Times!

Hey guys/girls, firstly I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts, I've been crazy busy with work and classes for the past couple of months so I haven't really had energy to do any blogging which is a shame but, I like sleep so yeh...I shall be making some lifestyle changes so hopefully by the grace of God I will have more time and energy to spare on things which make me happy such as eating...and of course blogging :-) 

Secondly...I had my appendix taken out yaaaayy!!! No not yay because that means I can't go to the gym for a month....but yaayy because I am alive and well, thank God! It all started a couple of days ago, I think, I had really bad pains all over my stomach, it felt like burning, or as if something toxic had leaked inside and was flowing around my system (I used that explanation with the nurse, she seemed slightly confused but got it)......but yeh, it hurt A LOT....and being the person I am, I fobbed it off as too much stomach acid or something like that...then the next day I had a HORRID migraine and my stomach hurt so bad but I just assumed I was tired and had a nap..woke up on day 3 (barely slept anyway because of the stomach pains keeping me awake), the migraine was gone but the pains were still there...I'm used to having some sort of acid related stomach ache, hence me ignoring it for so long..but I planned on seeing my GP the next day so was relatively calm about it. Spent most of the day in bed, and then went for dinner with my work friends, still in pain but trying not to be a Buzz-Killington...on the way home I couldn't  take it, the pain was too much to even walk so I called my brother and asked him if it would be too dramatic to call an ambulance...he said no, so I did.... and a couple of hours later, I was told I'd need to be operated on. To cut an already long story short, they operated on me the next day and now I'm in bed watching crappy movies.

Sorry, kinda waffled there as per usual...but the main reason I'm posting this is just to say that you shouldn't take your health for granted. If you feel something isn't quite right with yourself health-wise then consult your doctor or get it checked. It's much better to be safe than sorry. 

On that note..I'm going to do something useful and by that I mean watch more films 

Toodles xxx

...because I can't have a long post without a cute pic at the end :-)