Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Topshop LBD: How 'Not' To Wear It

Guten tag! Hope all you lovelies are per usual I've been busy working and all that good stuff, but in between work and gym, and eating, and eating, and eating, and work, I've done a bit of shopping and bought myself a few nice things....ooooh I might do a haul for my next post actually, let me know if you actually care what I buy and I'll do one...actually I'll do one regardless, YOU DON'T OWN ME!!!

Fell in deep like with this dress as soon as I  saw it, but it turns out I fell in love with the back of it. So, as any "normal" person would do, I decided to wear the dress back to front. *Thumbs up*

So here it is:

Closer detail of the lace-up-ness

And just in case you're curious as to how it's supposed to be worn.....

Le front                                                                                        Le back 

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, my mum took them, she thinks she's a pro. 

Mum: "Pose like you are, no, not like that...why do you not brush your hair properly? You look like a horse dragged you around" 

Anyways, it's from Topshop, cost £59 

Which way would you wear it? 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

10 Ways To Stay Focused With Your Weight Loss Journey

Hello darlings, hope you're all doing well....I've been meaning to do this post for a while but could never find the time what with my busy schedule of eating and I actually have been busy with legit stuff like work but yeh, it's still a pretty poor excuse 

So....I've kind of been on a healthier lifestyle kick ( you call it a kick? I don't know, I don't care)...but yes, I've been eating healthily and working out more after gaining some weight in Italy and it's been difficult...very difficult. But here are some tips I found useful in not giving up on your journey.

This is me right now btw. And all the crap in the background is also mine...*SPOILER ALERT* It's all food in those bags :-) * ...I've still got a long way to go but I'm taking it slow this time 

1. Be realistic: 

 Don't set yourself a ridiculous goal like " I'm going to lose 10 stone in a week". It's not going to work and the chances are if it does then it wasn't done the healthy way. Set yourself goals that are possible to achieve; that way you won't feel disheartened if you're not 15 stone lighter after day two....which brings me onto my next point....

2. Have sub-goals:  

You should have your main goal set in place whether that be to lose a certain amount of weight, or to fit into a size that you could never fit into before, but you should also have sub-goals which will keep you going. It helps a lot seeing some sort of progress no matter how small it is. I think one of my recent sub-goals was to see a bit more definition in my legs after 2 weeks...which I have, so yay for me :-) 

3. Don't get drawn in to FAD diets:  

I mean everyone is different, some work as a great kick starter for weight loss but for me, they don't last. Oh gosh, about a year ago I did something called the General Motors diet for one week, just Google it. I was the crankiest son of a gun you could ever come across, hardly lost any weight and ate everything in sight as soon as it was over. I would avoid them. 

4. Don't rush: 

 Everything takes time, and if you want this to be a lifestyle change then let it happen gradually. 

5. Avoid looking at yourself in the mirror for too long: 

Ok, this is a weird one but it's just something I've started doing. I've found that when I stare at myself every day and don't see a change in my body I get disheartened and it sucks for a bit. I still look in the mirror to make sure I haven't grown an extra boob or something (Although if it took me looking in the mirror to know I had a whole extra boob, that's a bit worrying....but you get my drift) but it's for a short period of time, and at the end of the week I can have a proper gander to see what else I need to work on and whether I see any changes...and if I don't then it actually doesn't feel as bad oddly enough. 

6: Eat more veg: 

Yeh whatever, I've heard that one before...yes you have my dear, because it's true! I've developed a close relationship with the humble salad and I have no intention of looking back. It doesn't matter how much exercise you're banging out at the gym, if you're eating isn't up to scratch, you're not going to see the results you may be looking for....there's a reason why everyone harps on about diet. 

7. Make a good playlist: 

You probably wouldn't think it but a good playlist makes a massive difference to a workout (well it does for me anyway)....I can push myself way more when I've got a good song on. I tend to play loud, fast songs with a lot of bass...or, on the other side of the spectrum, some slow sad songs to get me all caught up in my feelings...don't ask me why, it just works 

8. If you don't want to go to the gym. Don't. Or do. Do what makes you happy: 

Not much to say on that...sometimes I don't want to go to the gym because I can't be bothered, in which case I'll go to the gym. Other times I don't want to go to the gym because I'm too tired mentally and physically and just want to sit in my bed and watch The Mindy Project or Heroes Reborn all which case I won't go to the gym. Just double check your reasons for not going, and see which is better for you in the long run. 

9. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable:

It's your body, your workout, you don't have to dress like all these instagram models, but if you want to, then do. I saw someone working out in a denim shirt and jeans or something yesterday and was slightly confused but if that's what she wanted to wear then who am I to stop her? She still did her workout...that being said, I wouldn't recommend jeans...just a thought. 

10: Don't rely on scales to measure your progress: 

Reason 1: Some scales lie...for real. I went on one of those full body measuring machines and it told me I shrunk a couple of centimetres and gained half a stone....went on a different one and it told me something completely different. 
Reason 2: Muscle weighs more than fat
Reason 3: It's not just about the number, it's about how you look and feel; don't let the scales dishearten you. 


Thank you Mr Cliché... much appreciated. But it's true... I don't care how many times this needs to be repeated, it's repeated for a reason. Don't waste time comparing yourself to others, try and think positively as much as possible, and be kind to yourself. Seriously, be kind to yourself, be kind to your mind, and be kind to your body. I think that's one that people forget nowadays. 


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thursday Inspiration: Wake Up And Live Your Dreams

I'm not even going to look at the date of my last blog post...let me not embarrass myself 

I thought I'd quickly update you on my ventures over the past few weeks/months....literally just got in from the Theater so I'm slightly on one (on one: to be somewhat ridiculously hyped for various reasons (that's just one definition for it, I'm not about to go through all of them, this one is just the most relevant in this context, close second set of brackets) close first set of brackets) ... so yeh, I'm probably spewing out unnecessary garbage but bear with me.... 

So...I've been in Italy, teaching English and drama to young children...if I had to sum it up in one word it would be: unforgettable. Slightly cliche' I know, but it's true nonetheless.... my experience has opened up a whole other side of my mind that was clouded by the general dregs of everyday WORK, MONEY, GYM, BILLS, MONEY, GYM, BILLS....Actually I'll take gym out of that because I like the gym....but yeh, it was a beautiful experience, I met some amazing families and worked with some awesome people, ate great food, and was blessed to spend most of my nights staring up at the stars

Snaps coming soon... but for now I'll leave you with this:

I'm about to make a scary-ass decision that will change my life for a long time...I pray it's for the better but I won't know till I've done it. All I have is my faith. If there is anything you want to do or be in life, don't let anyone or anything stop you, not even yourself (unless you want to be a horrible person or a murderer, don't do that, I'm not directing this to you,)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Blue Hair (FINALLY!)

*Insert excuse as to why I haven't done a post in a while*

Hey hey heeeeeeyyy...Hope all you beauties are doing well...I feel somewhat compelled to say that if you're going through something stressful, or sad, just hang in there buddy, it will pass <3 

So, my hair is was red for a while and then one night I was just like NOPE, I WANT BLUE NOW! And the rest is history... kinda

I'll try and take some better quality photos but you get the jist... I feel like a mermaid...but with feet..and living on land...and less graceful. 

Anyone thinking of dyeing their hair blue??? 


Monday, 29 June 2015

OOTD: Sun's Out, Guns Out

Hello......Is it tea you're looking for...?? I've needed this cup in my life for way too long...


I'm adding "owning these" as one of my life goals

I think this is my first OOTD post no? If it isn't then the previous one was done so long ago it might as well be....aww I've missed you guys! I pretty much say that in every post but I mean it every time....I've got a week off work, PRAISE SWEET BABY JESUS, which means that I'll have some more free time to post....I'll try and make the most out of that...if you want me to post about anything in particular let me know...

Cutting to the chase in

Here's my OOTD, I wasn't in it for long but it still counts 

Top: £2.50 Ebay...gotta love me some ebay 
Skirt: My friend's 
Boots: New Look £7 
Thin bra: *Free* Forever 21 were doing BOGOF so I got it free with another top I bought :-)
(I know, call me the bargain queen) 


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dyeing My Hair Red

Yep, just a quick post to inform you all that my hair is now red....I've been toying with the idea of having blue hair so bleached it ready to lay on that mermaid turquoise all up in there, and then my sister was like "why not go red first, and then it'll be easier to strip after you get bored to put the blue on" I did, thinking I'd only have it red for a week but I actually really like it. 
So I guess I'm going to be red for a while
 Call me Ed Sheeran, but without the amazing talents :-) 

Also, I have a new fancypants DSLR camera, so frickin excited, but I'll save him for another post (Yes, I said him, my camera is a he) 

More pics and a step by step coming.....if you want that is ...lemme know x  

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Just thought I'd start by mentioning the fact that I went to the gym twice today...BOOYAAAH!! 

Helllllllllooooooooooooooooo my beautiful people! Hope all is well... I haven't done a review in a while so I thought I may as well do one on this awesome mascara I bought today....It was my day off and I was bored so I decided to browse some shops, actually no, scrap that. It was my day off and I was bored, but I already had in mind that I wanted to go and check out some mascaras, just didn't know which one. So guess where I went to; Superdrug? No. Boots? No my dear. Sephora? We don't have that here so no..actually we might, I dunno, that was the only other place I could think of. But no, I didn't go there anyway so I don't know why I just waffled on about it for a bajillion years. I went to Wilko (Wilkinsons) aka: The Narnia of everything; they have the make-up brand Essence which to my knowledge we don't have any solo stores in the Uk. 

So, onto the mascara...

I actually bought two but I don't like the other one so I might just put that in a separate review. This one is called "Lash Princess- False lash effect mascara". The product claims that the "conic" shape of the brush "provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as false-lash effect" 

Did it lie? No 

Your Honour I believe my subject is talking nonsense. 

Ahhh... I thought you would say such. Let me refer you to EXHIBIT A: 

No mascara: 

EXHIBIT B: After one coat of mascara: 

EXHIBIT C: After 3 coats, and then about a bajillion more

Your Honour, I rest my case.....

No but seriously, I think this is my new favourite mascara...and by "I think" I mean "I know".... Quick Pros and Cons 

Pros: Thick formula grips onto lashes 
          Actually lengthens and adds volume at the same time 
          Really good brush 
          I can't tell if I like the packaging or not, it's kind of cute and kind of cheap looking at the same time. But I like the lid so yeh. 
        Le price: This baby cost me £2.30... SAY WHAAAAAT?? Yes milady, two pounds and thirty pence, I think we all know that's a bargain. 

Cons: Not waterproof which means that panda eyes are a risk (if you plan on wearing it to the gym, or crying...don't know why you would plan to cry but whatever) 
          Too many coats leads to spider lashes 

Overall rating: 8/10 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Friday Inspiration: "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody"

I just thought I'd share this with you guys. It's so easy to get caught up in our own struggles, we forget about those of others. Every person on this Earth is fighting their own battle, some more silent than others; and some are fighting them alone. Just small things like politeness, consideration, and friendliness can really make a difference in people's lives. It seems like such basic things but nowadays it seems like even those are being forgotten. Maybe if we spread more love and encouragement, online and face-to-face we can help change the world, one step at a time. 
I pray you all have a blessed weekend, and whatever you are going through, I pray you overcome it. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Review: BooTea Detox Tea

Well hello there....long time for real, it's been like 4 months...I've missed you guys!!!! 

"Where have you been?", I hear no-one ask. Well, to cut a long story short. Work. Work is where I have been. Work, and the gym, and in bed, and in the fridge, and work some more, and a theatre production I was in at the end of last year, and then at work again, after spending some quality time in the fridge. So yes, I've been very busy. 

Enough waffling.... *cutting to da chaaaaaaase*

So, I wanted to get back on my health kick after 3 weeks of intense cr*p eating and no gym. It wasn't at all a "NEW YEAR NEW ME" thing... I don't really believe in that... NEW YEAR, SAME ME is my motto... but yeh, my body felt the impact of my poor diet and lack of exercise so I wanted a fresh slate...which meant I was looking for some sort of detoxifying product, a friend recommended BooTea to me, and after reading some reviews I thought why not??

Answer being: It's £20. For tea.

But I ignored that and bought it anyway

First impressions: 

The tea bags were actually really adorable, they weren't made of the usual teabag material, whatever that is...paper? 

Tastes nice. Pretty much tastes like your standard herbal tea...the flavour is like a cross between green tea and liquorice. 

What else do you want me to say? It's tea...

*Btw I'm writing this post whilst listening to The Spice Girls- Viva Forever....*so many feels!!


The results: 

To be honest I wasn't expecting anything amazing, I just thought it would be a nice tea to add to my collection, that might help cleanse my system more than the £1.50 green tea I usually drink. It did nothing of the sort. It actually had the opposite effect and really messed my system up for at least two weeks after. I felt sick, as in I felt like I was going to throw up a couple of days into drinking it. Had really bad stomach cramps as well, and not a cleanse was cleansed if you follow my drift.... 

So I stopped taking it after a week, and couldn't drink my usual green tea either because that made my stomach hurt as well...In all fairness, everyone's bodies are different, maybe mine just didn't take well to it. Or maybe it was repulsed at the idea of me spending £20 on tea....I had a similar response the time I spend £7.20 on a salad from Harrods....but that was more of a "I don't know who I am any more!!!..... what have I become???!!!" moment. 

In conclusion, it didn't work for me, but it may work for others, I know a few people who have used it and saw results, so it's worth a try. If not for the physical benefits, the psychological benefits. By that I mean whilst drinking this you'd probably be less likely to want to eat junk food because you're "cleansing" so you could be doing your body some good. That being said, you can probably get that same impact from making a conscious decision to eat better. And that won't cost you £20. Just saying.