Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vintage Lovers

I have officially moved into the library which is why I have been a poor blogger recently, really really sorry... just a quick post to say that I have a little shop set up on Asos, I've always loved vintage/second-hand clothes thanks to my lovely mother, so I've started buying and selling with my equally lovely sister..... have a gander :-) 

...Here's a few bits from our "collection" ...I'll probably do some sort of give away of something soon once I figure out how it works 

 Yeh that's right... we stand in front of graffiti walls cause we cool like that... that's how we roll in the mean streets of.... *somewhere mean* 

Hope you likey :-D

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tips For Good Skin

Believe me I'm not an expert on skin or anything, ok so I'm not selling this well already.... but I thought I'd share some tips on healthy skin, just in case anyone has any skin issues or wants some information. You may have heard or read these all before but.. well there's no but really, you probably have. 

Tip 1: KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE - There are different skin types and the problem I used to have is not knowing what my skin type was so I'd use everything under the sun and wonder why there was no change. The five listed skin types are - oily
                                                                                                                     - normal 
                                                                                                                     - sensitive
                                                                                                                     - dry 
                                                                                                                     -  combination skin
Once you know your skin type, you'll know the products you should use and how to treat it better; this does make quite a bit of difference. 

Tip 2: GET ENOUGH SLEEP - I never really used to believe this tip, thought the people who were telling me just wanted me to be unconscious for longer, but they're not lying. Enough sleep is important for your body so it can repair itself, and your skin, from any damage caused during the day. The body produces more proteins whilst asleep which are "the cell's building blocks. Enhanced protein production ensures proper rejuvenation and revamping of the tissues and cells- which in turn provides vital regeneration and repair to the skin" ( 

Tip 3: CLEANSE SKIN DAILY- Here's another one I didn't take seriously, thought it was another way for shops to make money. I mean it is in the sense that me exchanging cleanser for money is profiting them, but it's good for me too. I've recently started cleansing (I use Tea Tree cleanser if anyone is wondering), and you can literally see the dirt come off your face when you do it for the first time. I have noticed my skin looks more fresh after cleansing, and I feel cleaner knowing what I've removed so it's worth a try, especially if you have oily skin. 

Tip 4: DRINK WATER- Just do it. It is good for you. It's good for your skin, it's good for your body, it's good when you want to lose weight. By drinking water you are flushing out the toxins in your body. So do it. Please 

Tip 5: EXERCISE- Yep, I went there....A good ol' workout does wonders, increased blood flow and circulation which is great for your skin. It also boosts your metabolism which again aids weight loss. By exercise, you don't necessarily have to run 10 marathons, or swim the English channel daily, it can just be walking a bit more, running up the stairs a few times a day, small things make a big difference 

Tip 6: REDUCE STRESS LEVELS- I laughed a bit when I heard this. Purely because it's easier said than done. Stress shows. It really does, so if there's any negativity in your life that can be removed, whether it be toxic people, jobs etc, try to eradicate it. Obviously if you're a student and have exams/coursework (like myself), that's a stress that will go once you've finished everything, so for now, imagine making a big pile of your coursework/books/handouts, getting out a match, and setting them all on fire. That should help. 

Tip 7: MOISTURISE- Pretty self explanatory, especially during winter where the skin is exposed to harsher weather conditions. Avoid it drying up by moisturising. 

Tip 8: REMOVE MAKE-UP BEFORE BED- Your skin needs time to breathe, and keeping make-up on during that time is going to have a negative affect on that process. "Our body temperature rises as we sleep, hence opening the pores, so when make-up is left on, it could seep down the pores making them clogged and then break out" (Dr Dennis Gross) 

Tip 9: MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIET- EAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES- What goes on inside, shows outside, enough said. 

Tip 10: PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN- Not going to lie, I don't use sunscreen unless I'm going abroad, but just because I don't do it, doesn't mean you shouldn't. 

Boy, if I spent as much effort on my dissertation as I did writing this post, I would be a very happy bunny! 

If you have any other tips, write them in the comment section, I would love to read them <3 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pink Hair

I've recently been doing a lot of blog/tumblr stalking and came across this lovely page the more I look at the pictures the more I get tempted to dye my hair pink... It's not an easy colour to get away with and personally I don't think I would suit it at all but I think it looks so pretty but cool at the same time. I have a slight fixation with hair dyeing, I love how within minutes your whole look can change dramatically thanks to some chemicals. Think I may go a dark shade of red very soon.... I'm feeling for a change. Is anyone else in the same boat? Have you recently dyed, or are thinking about dyeing, you hair? 

(I don't know how crediting works but I got the pictures from the tumblr I posted about, apart from the last two, stalked someone else's tumblr for those)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

All I Want Right Now...

........Is for my dinner to hurry up and cook.... sooo hungry, it's taking years!

Had to make a mini collage of food about epic procrastination!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clothes Clothes Clothes!

Sorry for the lack of posts, metaphorically speaking, life's handed me a bunch of unwanted lemons which I've had to make lemonade out of so I've been busy. But yes..... Today will be a quick post about what I've worn over the past few days...





(Got lazy so repeated some clothes)


I'll probably do an outfit of the week "OOTW" (gosh I'm so embarrassed that it took me so long to figure out what OOTD was, literally sat there thinking "why are all these girls writing this OOTD stuff on their blogs/vids??!"... even after they said "heeeyy guys this is my Outfit Of The Day", it still didn't register *facepalm*) ...anyway, enough of my intellectualness; it'll consist of my favourite outfit, or choose an outfit that I really want from a website/shop

Aufwiedersehen  :-) 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Appreciation Post: Rawrr

I bought a new phone cover for Aubrey (my phone)... the other one cracked so.... hello replacement.

Dunno why I entitled this as "rawr", I don't know what noise a leopard makes..... grrrr??purrr???......hmmm time for bed now me thinks  

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quick Question....

...... Just curious.. :-) 

Appreciation Post: Safe and Sound

I usually have my appreciation post on a Wednesday but I've been slacking with my posts so may as well cram it in now.....

Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars - Safe and sound. The soundtrack to The Hunger Games

Love this song <3

Beauty Buys: Red Lipsticks

Sorry for not posting for a few days, been hard at work so haven't really had time. I've stalked some blogs and seen a lot of people asking about which red lipsticks are the best so I thought I might "shed some light" on that matter. 
The five lipsticks I will be assessing are 

Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain - Gothic (Yes I know it's a stain but thought I may as well put it there) (I got it for £5 but I think it retails at £7.99)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Tantrum £4.99 ( I think)
Mac Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo £13.50
Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick - Cranberry (Was part of a set for £9.99), however the individual matte lipsticks in different shades are £3.99
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Black Cherry £7.49

Sorry I would have taken a picture of them actually on but my camera is not flattering for shots that close.

Without flashWith flash 

The top half is just how it looks with and without flash, and the bottom half is what it looks like after washing my hands with soap. Hopefully you can see the finish clear enough. 

I can't say I'm that fussed about what they look like but my favourite is Just bitten, or Sleek T.C

Easiest to apply was by far Rimmel L.F, mainly because the consistency is so smooth it glides right on, be careful with that though because there's a chance of it slipping, I'm not joking (not dramatic *oooooerr it's all over my face now*, it's just very easy for it to slide out of your lip line which makes it look messy). 
Mac and Just bitten I found took the longest to apply. Because Mac is so matte, it's quite dry so there is a struggle to get it on unless you apply a tiny amount of lip balm before hand. You also need more than one coat for the colour to come through. Just bitten is like a felt tip, so it you're ok with colouring in your lips with a felt tip then there is no issue there. A few coats are needed with this too, and there is a chance of bleeding (not you, the lipstick) 

Both Mac and Sleek were matte which I loved. The Rimmel lasting finish and Revlon super lustrous were the shiniest. I personally do not like wearing red lipstick with so much shine so I'd have to favour Mac and Sleek in that aspect 

My absolute favourite shade was Mac. I  think it's amazing because it suits every skin tone, so many of my friends from different ethnicities have it and it looks amazing on every one of them. I have no fault with the shade
My second favourite was Revlon S.L, I liked the depth of the colour, it's on the cusp of being purple. This is a really cool and daring shade. 
My third was Rimmel L.F, I like how bright it is but just wish it were matte. 

I washed my hand with soap to see which ones would come off easily, and to be fair they all did well. I think Just bitten is actually the longest wear when applied to the lips. The more glossy lipsticks, Revlon S.L came off easiest 

Obviously my favourite in regards to price would be Sleek because it's the cheapest; but for value for money I would say first place is ... no, not you Mac sorry, £13.50 is a joke... no it's Revlon just bitten, or colour burst actually; the colours are intense and the quality is very good for £7.49/.99

Overall Winner
*Drum roll please*

Mac in Ruby Woo. Yes it's expensive but it's worth it. For the sheer fact that everyone can look equally as good in this shade is something I love about this lipstick. The matte finish allows the colour to speak for itself and isn't overpowering. It is a bit pricey but doesn't need to constantly be reapplied so lasts long.

..... After crowning Mac Ruby Woo as winner... I dropped it and it broke... HA!! ..... I am only laughing because I managed to fix it.... if I hadn't it would be a whoooole other story.