Monday, 29 June 2015

OOTD: Sun's Out, Guns Out

Hello......Is it tea you're looking for...?? I've needed this cup in my life for way too long...


I'm adding "owning these" as one of my life goals

I think this is my first OOTD post no? If it isn't then the previous one was done so long ago it might as well be....aww I've missed you guys! I pretty much say that in every post but I mean it every time....I've got a week off work, PRAISE SWEET BABY JESUS, which means that I'll have some more free time to post....I'll try and make the most out of that...if you want me to post about anything in particular let me know...

Cutting to the chase in

Here's my OOTD, I wasn't in it for long but it still counts 

Top: £2.50 Ebay...gotta love me some ebay 
Skirt: My friend's 
Boots: New Look £7 
Thin bra: *Free* Forever 21 were doing BOGOF so I got it free with another top I bought :-)
(I know, call me the bargain queen)