Monday, 21 January 2013

Melted Tights...Yay, or Go Away ?

Ohmygawshh I've done two posts this week!! It shows how much of a poo blogger I am when stuff like this excites me.....This is just a brief post to see what everyone's opinions are on the new "melted tights" that are hitting the web. It is a really unique design which I do admire (the unique/innovativeness, not the actual tights).. the tights look like something is melting down them. Here's a couple....

 Black on Black $55
 Glitter $50
 Neon Yellow $50
 Multi-tone Bubblegum $50
 Messy Black and White $55
 Neon Pink $50
 Silver "Limited Edition" $60

Neon Green $50

Now I'm not even going to lie, for me personally, these look like someone had a multi-coloured accident that just so happened to drip symmetrically down both's like what I would imagine you'd find in a baby Care Bear's nappy. I think I would prefer it if the melting started lower down, maybe thigh or knee level

What are your opinions? Would you try these out... actually, more importantly, would you pay $50 (£31.60) for these bad boys? That's what I want to know! I'm pretty sure other stores/brands are going to whip out their own versions of these, and to be honest I'm thinking they might be more "wearable". 

You know what, I'm going to attempt to make my own versions... or similar.. I've been meaning to customise some tights for a while, I think this has spurned me on... stay tuned :-) 

Also just wanted to share with whoever cares, I have finally completed both careers of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit with 3 stars... WOOOP WOOOP!! 

It was "The Duel" on the racer career that dragged this game out for me... so frickin hard! 
If anyone else plays this, let me know how far you've got. Toodles x

Friday, 18 January 2013

Website Of The Week: Your Eyes Lie

Ello ello ello.... I haven't done a "website of the week"  in a while, most likely because I've spent most of my free time trying to complete both careers in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit...(I am one assignment away from getting all stars on the entire game if anyone is well now you know)I'm telling you, that game is dangerously addictive...aaaanyways... I'm a tad partial to this site... Not going to lie though, it is pretty similar to Black Milk but me thinkies it's a little cheaper.... these are my favourites

Space Race Leggings £38

Digital Bohemian Maxi Skirt £40

Logogram Maxi Dress £26

DayAfter Scarf £30

LAK Oversize Tee £40

Feather Digital Print Shorts £35

Twin Tee £30

Pleated Moderated Trousers £35

Undeniable Digital Tee £31

I wouldn't say I'm a mahoosive fan of this site but they do have some nice bits and bobs... it's deffo worth a gander :-)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year, Same Me, More Posts....and Clothes

Hi girlies/guylies!! First off HAPPY NEW YEAR :-) ....A few days late but better now than never eh?...I'm going to keep this brief..not brief like my other posts where I say will be brief but somehow they end up longer than my dissertation... See, I've started waffling... No but I'm keeping this brief because I've had about 2 hours sleep therefore am ridonkulously tired...and when I'm tired I speak absolute seriously

Ok... to my point in 3....2.....1..... Well I don't think I had a point to this post, I had just realised that my last post was around a month ago and felt really bad... so I think this is more of a heads-up... I will have more time on my hands by God's grace to post a lot more frequently than I have been because my track record has been PANTS! Hopefully I'll post once a week/fortnightly at yes, expect a major haul coming up soon...and a hair post I've been meaning to do for yonks... but for now, cake then bed :-)

Because I like pictures I may as well post a few images that made me smile this year (all 5 days of it) 

                                         (Made by yours truly....and my bestie <3)

Taraa for now