Monday, 28 March 2016

Monday Musings

Hey boos....oh gosh I am feeling so lazy today it's unreal...

What I've done today: 
1. Woke up (late)
2. Had a wash 
3. Ate
4. Put on gym clothes 
5. Put on trainers
6. Ate
7. Got to the front door
8. Opened the front door
9. Closed the front door 
10. Ran upstairs
11. Climbed into bed 
12. Stayed in bed 
13. Ate

Even this post is lazy af, I didn't even plan to blog today but I thought if I'm gonna keep my ass in bed I may as well make it a writing day. 

I want a kitten. 


Sooooft kitty

Waaaaarrmm kitty

Little ball of fuuuuuuuuurrrrr

Happy kitty

Sleepy kitty

Purrrr, purrrr, puuuuurrrrr

So, in conclusion....I'm getting a kitten and I've eaten too much