Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vintage Lovers

I have officially moved into the library which is why I have been a poor blogger recently, really really sorry... just a quick post to say that I have a little shop set up on Asos, I've always loved vintage/second-hand clothes thanks to my lovely mother, so I've started buying and selling with my equally lovely sister..... have a gander :-) 

...Here's a few bits from our "collection" ...I'll probably do some sort of give away of something soon once I figure out how it works 

 Yeh that's right... we stand in front of graffiti walls cause we cool like that... that's how we roll in the mean streets of.... *somewhere mean* 

Hope you likey :-D


  1. that first dress is so vintage and I love it!
    very beautiful!!

    1. Awww thank you my love :-) ...I love that dress too, I kinda wanted it for myself but decided to stay disciplined and sell it xxx

  2. The first dress and the last dress looks really vintage...
    I also like vintage outfit... It looks retro :)

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