Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I was literally just going to leave it at that but I may as well elaborate as I haven't posted in a while... because I have so much work to do ¬_¬

I wrote a little poem to express my angst... I really wanted to delve deep into my core to bring forth these emotions.. if you can't handle deepness then your journey should end here.... here it goes...*cough*cough*

I hate you
I hate you so much
If you were a person I would punch you
If you were a stone I would throw you into the sea 
If you were a fire I would put you out 
I don't like you 
At all 
Not even a tiny bit 
I hate you 

The End 

Deep huh? 
I know, I should be the next Oscar Wilde
(Just in case my tone is misleading.... I am being sarcastic.... I mean the next Wilde? I should be the next Shakespeare!!) 


  1. I have to love work, work put food on the table, pay bills,and allows me to buy my lovelies.... :)

    1. Oh no, I don't mean employment work, I love working. I was working two jobs before my university timetable got in the way. I meant work as in education-wise... but that's a really sweet comment though, I can't wait to start providing for my family :-) x