Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Hey ya'll...ohmygosh it is so cold here it's unreal! It's not even snowing but it is absolutely freezing!! I need to stock up on onesies, bought one the other day, it was adorable, it was also WAY TOO SMALL for me so that needs to be returned....Went and picked up my beautifully ugly shoes from New Look which I spoke about in a previous post...also bought myself a nice little backpack because my current one feels like it's on it's last legs...or straps 
So all this shopping got me thinking of what I want for Christmas...I'm probably going to end up buying it all for myself anyway but let's just imagine someone else will for now 

Presenting to you..... 

1. Rose Print Playsuit £29.99: Missguided   
2.  Rings- nowhere specific just ones big enough for my fatass fingers      
3.  IPad- £350+: The Apple Store, Currys, wherever else sells them
4.  Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme 50ml £75: Debenhams
5.  American Apparel Henley One Piece £34: American Apparel
6. Agra Chunky Buckle Boots £88: Topshop
7. Prada Candy 50ml £55.50: Boots        
8. Teeth Whitening £A LOT! 
9. Mini Skateboard £25: Ebay
10. Barry M Gelly and Matte Nail Varnishes £2.99+£3.99: Superdrug
11. Sony Sans510 Portable Wireless Speakers £269: Debenhams
12. Hair Extensions £100+: Online
 13. Burger Bed $2,321.77:

Or...if all else fails, one of these babies will do can only dream <3 

What do you guys want? 


  1. oh those puppies are the cutest <3

  2. great wishlist!! i wished to have naked 3 and i got one! :) and oh yes i wanna have puppy too a little cute one <3