Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dyeing My Hair Red

Yep, just a quick post to inform you all that my hair is now red....I've been toying with the idea of having blue hair so bleached it ready to lay on that mermaid turquoise all up in there, and then my sister was like "why not go red first, and then it'll be easier to strip after you get bored to put the blue on" I did, thinking I'd only have it red for a week but I actually really like it. 
So I guess I'm going to be red for a while
 Call me Ed Sheeran, but without the amazing talents :-) 

Also, I have a new fancypants DSLR camera, so frickin excited, but I'll save him for another post (Yes, I said him, my camera is a he) 

More pics and a step by step coming.....if you want that is ...lemme know x  

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