Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mini Beauty Haul: GOSH Lumi Drops, Growth Mascara, Rapid Lash

Hello lovelies!! Hope everyone has had a blessed week and is ready for Monday...This time last week I was on a flight heading to LA and now I'm back in rainy England, the time went so quickly it's unreal...there will be a post about LA and Coachella coming very soon :-) But for now here's a quick post about the new products I'm really excited about, they'll be product updates coming soon.

 Sooooo..... Product No.1: GOSH LUMI DROPS- Illuminating highlighter- £7.99 

Initial thoughts: Love it! I don't usually use highlighters or any sort of illuminating product, mostly due to laziness but also because I don't know much about application and what products would be good for my complexion so I was sceptical about buying this. As soon as I did a swatch however, it was love at first...well first swatch I guess.

 No.2: GOSH GROWTH MASCARA- Promotes longer lashes in 2 weeks (apparently) £9.99 Initial thoughts: Not too keen on the brush, struggled slightly to coat my lashes using it but overall, decent mascara, just waiting to see if it actually lengthens my lashes after two weeks, I'll keep you posted 

 No: 3 RAPID LASH EYELASH ENHANCING SERUM- £- Can't remember, I think £17.99 from Amazon Initial thoughts: Wish it was a mascara wand instead of a thin brush applicator but considering it needs to be applied to the base of the lashes it makes sense. Like the previous product, just got to wait a few weeks to see results (30 days) ...will deffo do a progress post on this

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  1. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx