Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Review: Benefit "They're Real" Mascara - Are they Real-ly Worth The Price?

See what I did there? 

Ok back to the point.....My lovely friend Sam decided to surprise me with a prezzie on my birthday. Pretty much since I met her I've been harping on about this mascara. I've been contemplating buying it since its release but to be honest I'm too cheap for that. At £18.50 it's not a ridiculous price to pay but under absolutely no circumstances was I willing to part with that. Even when they brought the price down at one point to £16.50 that still wasn't happening. Purely because I know that for that price I could get at least three tops and one pair of shoes from Primark, or a pair of leggings and a nice t-shirt from H&M (yes that is pretty much my rationale for everything; how much I can get from somewhere else at the same cost)....aaaaaaaannnnyyyywwaaaaaaaaaaaaayy.. my lovely friend bought it for me which was AH-MAZING... it's like she read my mind, or was intelligent enough to unpick my subtle hints such as "I WANT THAT FUDGING MASCARA SO BAD!!!" or even the more complexly coded "THAT MASCARA IS SO NICE BUT I WOULDN'T BUY IT MYSELF, SOMEONE ELSE NEEDS TO BUY IT FOR ME!!". To be honest though I wasn't actually trying to drop any hints, they were just my general ramblings every time I saw that mascara. Ok back to the important bit, I'm aware no-one asked for my life story so sorry for that. 
Here's what it looks like.

I tried it on as soon as I got home, and yes, as I expected it was awesome...and no I'm not just saying that because it was a gift, if it were rubbish I would let you know so you don't waste your money

Here's a few before and after pictures. One before mascara, one after one coat, and one after three coats... I don't even know what a proper coat is, I just keep brushing it against my eyelashes until they look remotely different. By the way I've taken the pictures at some stupid angles so you can judge the difference better.. 

Before any mascara 

After one coat

After a few coats 

Applied onto my bottom lashes 

Pros: The Wand: Love it! It's got a rounded edge like Loreal's Telescopic Explosion mascara so you can coat your corner lashes with ease..and the bristles actually pay attention to each lash to seperate them

Consistency; Not too dry and not too liquid(y) 

Packaging: The packaging is pretty nice. I've seen some hideously packaged mascara which has completely put me off buying them.. not going to mention any names *cough*cough*....no really I'm not, just had to cough 

I would say The Colour but black is black... actually no because some blacks looks a bit grey or brown so yeh, this black is nice ¬_¬ 

Cons: PRICE: Reduce the price! I don't care if you only reduce it for 5 minutes, just cut the price in half... no, cut it in half and then take another £3 off and I'll buy 10 of them.. deal?? No? Fine..... YOUR LOSS BENEFIT!! 

So in conclusion I love this mascara, it's now my favourite out of my vast collection of mascaras; along with Loreal Volume Million Lashes 

Rating: 7.5/10
Would I buy it again? We've just discussed that...reduce the price and then yes...yes I would 


  1. there best selling mascara I doubt they will be reducing the price anytime soon dude!!!

    Great review and pics. The third pic is that from ur camera and camera did u use? quality is amazing

    Happy you love it lisa =D


    1. Awww ta love :-)
      Yeh it's Xavier my lovely cam... he's a canon 14mp digital cam... love him.. bought him when I was in New York but they're sold here too

  2. Thanks for commenting my blog,great review I have also been contemplating getting this!!!ahhh i might go crazy and treat myself it looks worth it xxx


    1. Thank you :-) ...I think if you don't mind spending the money then treat yourself to it... it is worth it!