Friday, 22 June 2012

Germany Edition: OOTW Plus Some Pics, Mainly of Trees

Well hello there...long time no speak indeedy, this post could go on for years so I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet... 

I went to Germany with this lovely lady who is my best friend in the entire world... she's the slightly less brown one of the two...yes I know, she is beautiful, I'll probably shove more of her on here for beauty/hair looks... the other one is me btw... HIIIIIII!! 

Anyway... we went to Germany for a week which was LAAAVLEEYYY...Never been to Germany before despite studying it for GCSE, my school decided it was far more beneficial for our understanding of the German culture and language to take us to France.....I know.. 

Yes, so we were there for a week in which we waddled around looking at the amazing scenery, eating until our stomachs cried for help, and taking pictures of trees.... We also took a little day trip to Amsterdam which was great.... I recommend you go there for some really epic, traditional, genuine....... vintage clothing....What else did you think I was going to say??? 

So, here's some pictures of general whatnots... I'll start with my outfits of the week 
(I changed more than once some days but these are the main ones.... and yes, I pretty much wore the same pair of shoes most days) 

Monday... you want it in German too?

Tuesday (Dienstag)

Wednesday (Mittwoch)

                                           Thursday (Donnerstag)

                                                            Friday (Freitag)

Saturday (Samstag)

Sunday (Sonntag)

Here's a collage of some random snaps of oversize clogs, some lovely legwarmers, and some trees.... 



  1. I love all of your outfit but the first and last are my favorite... that dress is just too cute!