Monday, 26 March 2012

Home Made Shorts

This is a quick one to show how you can recycle an old pair of jeans....I'm not a fashion student/designer etc so it's not going to be a technical blow by blow or anything....all you will need for this is an old pair or jeans and a pair of scissors 

Step One: Take old pair of jeans and lay them down on your lap or another surface 
( Clearly could not be bothered to iron them)

Step two: Cut your jeans until you are satisfied with the length. *If you want to fold them up then leave some space for that*. Fold the bottoms


To be honest I haven't finished with them, they were taking up space so I was either going to cut them or chuck them so I quickly got snipping. Think I might experiment with them. Would be nice to have something along the lines of these.... 


  1. Those shorts are so cool right?! ... I might have to get out the bleach and get cracking! ... I've got so many jeans that are too short for me anyway so may as well experiment