Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dye Job

I decided to put some more colour in my hair... there's no point in this post, just saying.

Sorry, the quality is poor, was very low lighting and the flash on my phone is playing up

 If you are a bit bored of your look, you could try experimenting with colours, certain shades can cause damage to your hair though (usually lighter shades that require bleaching), you could try a dye with no ammonia, or just use a shade over your natural hair colour, that way you won't have to bleach or lighten it beforehand. 


  1. Looks really nice! I'm crazy over sensitive about my hair cos its so thin *sad face* so I dont dye my hair cos of the chemicals but I recently saw a pic of someone that used one of the Lush Henna hair dyes and it looked reeeeally good so I think I might check this out! I wish I had thick healthy locks so that I would try some crazy purple hair like this...http://pinterest.com/pin/271130840036362874/! lol

  2. Aww thank you :-) ...oooer that's not my natural hair though, I wish! That's probably why I don't mind dyeing it so often. If you like you should just buy some extensions (clip ins are less damaging) and dye them so you have some high/low lights in your hair...makes a nice change....

    ooooooooo I'm liking that purple hair!! it's amazing! so shiny too!!.... oh gosh it's making me want to dye my hair again!! x