Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Random Post *Don't Worry, Be Happy*

I actually forgot today is Wednesday.....

I've spent all day in the library therefore failed to plan anything interesting to post... sorry.. sooooo instead, I'll post a bunch of "inspirational"/nice quotes. Sometimes it's nice to just hear positive things, it's so easy to feel negative about yourself, your appearance, your life, but you'll get through it in the end.

Hope this has made at least one person feel better today... If not then errrrmmm... sorry... here's a picture of a cute pig to cheer you up....

If you don't like pigs then.. here's a picture of a cat and a chick 

If you don't like pigs, chick, or kittens then.... I can't help you ... 

One of the reasons I started this blog, apart from the fact that I wanted a decent excuse to spend 24 hours on my computer guilt free; was to try and "inspire" (sorry for the cliche') someone. I don't necessarily mean inspire in the obvious sense, just wanted to have some sort of positive affect on someone out there. May as well use the internet for good. It's not nice feeling alone, or feeling that no-one will know what you are going through. So be happy <3 


  1. ah what a lovely message you wrote at the end! Consider me inspired!! I love reading little inspirational notes like this, in fact whenever I see a fun little saying I always write it down and read through them every now and again to remind myself that its not all bad lol. Here are a couple of random ones that I have come across...

    'Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are seeds. You can either grow flowers or weeds.'

    'Don't worry, its just a comma, not a full stop'

  2. Yaaayyy my work here is done :-) ... loll I like the last quote, it's clever.. and very true....

    I DO THAT TOO!! wait, let me calm down with the caps lock, but yeh, when I read something really nice I usually either jot it down or take a picture of it...stuff like that comes in very handy on a stressful day x

  3. that little piglet is so cute.

  4. Aw it is isn't it?! I've always wanted to own a baby pig, they're so adorable!